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The basics of worker’s compensation coverage

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

California has relatively strong worker’s compensation laws. According to California Legislative Information, employers must provide workers insurance. However, you might wonder what worker’s compensation insurance covers.

If you suffer from an injury on the job in California, you must know how the payment process works, so you do not meet unexpected expenses. You also need to know the process so you do not get taken advantage of by your employer.

How much am I entitled to?

Calculating worker’s compensation is somewhat difficult because of the different exemptions and categories of disability. The state of California pays two-thirds of your weekly salary for total disability. Some companies offer disability with leave pay, which covers the remaining wage out of your employer’s pocket. Keep in mind there is a limit to how much the state pays for worker’s compensation. In 2022 the most you can earn per week is $1,539.71 from California total disability insurance. If you return to work at a limited capacity, you may receive two-thirds of the difference in lost wages until your doctor clears you for regular work.

What costs does it cover?

Worker’s compensation covers more than just your weekly wages, though. In addition to lost wages through permanent or temporary disability, worker’s compensation covers:

  • Medical costs associated with the injury
  • Retraining costs if you cannot perform your old job
  • Death benefits for your family if you die from a work-related injury

Worker’s compensation insurance aims to protect California employees from financial struggle. Ensure you understand your company’s insurance policy, and do not be afraid to ask a supervisor if you have any concerns.