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Common Work-Related Injuries in Corona

Work-related injuries can happen anywhere. You may not think of your job as dangerous, but even in relatively safe conditions, employees can be injured. For this reason, the workers’ compensation system covers many different types of employees. If you have been injured on the job, you are likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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Work Injury Statistics

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,250 fatal work injuries in 2018. This was a 2% rise from the 2017 statistics, in which 5,147 fatal work injuries occurred. In California, 376 people were killed in fatal work accidents in 2017 according to the state’s Department of Industrial Relations.

Common Work Injuries

Although any type of injury can happen on a job site, there are some types of work injuries that happen more often than other types of injuries. Workers in more labor-intensive roles may be more susceptible to catastrophic injuries, while people who work in offices or other less labor-intensive roles are often more susceptible to repetitive strain injuries.

Common workplace injuries for office workers include:

  • Repetitive strain injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Falls from tripping over wires, loose carpeting, spills, and other objects in pathways
  • Back or neck injuries from lifting light to moderate loads
  • Muscle strain and tears from an improper workstation
  • Head injuries from falling objects

Common workplace injuries in more labor-intensive roles include:

  • Bone fractures, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries from falls or being struck by an object
  • Tearing and crushing injuries from being caught in moving machinery
  • Burns from a fire or explosion in the workplace
  • Electrocution-related injuries from exposed wires or faulty outlets
  • Damage from inhaling toxic fumes and other toxic exposure
  • Eardrum damage from exposure to loud noise

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Dangerous Occupations

Although injuries can happen at any workplace, there are some occupations that are more dangerous than others. In general, jobs that require manual labor or rely on the use of dangerous equipment are more at risk for injury.

CNBC published a report on the most dangerous jobs in the U.S., based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In these roles, there were more fatal work accidents than in other roles.

The following types of jobs were identified as the most dangerous occupations in the country:

  • Logging
  • Fishing
  • Aviation (pilots and flight engineers)
  • Roofing
  • Recycling and waste
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Iron and steel work
  • Construction
  • Landscaping and groundskeeping

Common Causes of Work Injuries

Any unsafe condition on a job site can result in a work injury. From general negligence by employers and other employees to widespread safety violations through a company, there are many factors that can cause workers to be injured on the job.

The cause of your work injury may not impact the outcome of your claim. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, so you should not have to prove fault in order to receive benefits. However, you will need to establish that your injuries were work-related.

A work injury may be caused by:

  • Equipment malfunctions

  • Lack of training

  • Employee or employer negligence

  • Lack of safety precautions on site and safety violations

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Settlements & verdicts

  • $206,000 Spinal Injuries

    We have recovered a settlement for a client that suffered from spinal injuries while working on a home improvement project pulling a pallet.

  • $125,000 Psych Injury

    We have recovered a settlement for a client that suffered from a psych injury due to a traumatizing event; the defendants denied the claim.

  • $123,000 Cumulative Trauma - Laborer

    We have recovered a settlement for a client that suffered from Cumulative trauma due to repetitive movement.

  • $120,000 Cumulative Trauma Injury - Orthopedic

    We have recovered a settlement for a client that suffered from various cumulative trauma injuries due to body parts wearing out over 20 years of labor.

  • $120,000 Cumulative Neck Injury

    We have recovered a settlement for a client who suffered from a cumulative neck injury.

  • $100,000 Spinal Injury

    We have recovered a settlement for a client who suffered from neck and back injuries due to operating a caterpillar.

  • $95,000 Back & Arm Injury

    We have recovered a settlement for a client that suffered from a specific injury to the back and cumulative injury to arms.

  • $70,000 Back Injury

    We have recovered a settlement for a client who suffered from back injuries due to a car accident.


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