Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc. - Fighting For the Average Joe
Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc. - Fighting For the Average Joe

Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc., is here to help you from the moment you get injured to the moment your case is closed.

COVID-19 Messages From The Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc. Team

The Coronavirus Has Affected The Entire World, Including Workers In California And The Workers’ Compensation System

When the Governor of California told us all to stay home, everything changed quite abruptly. Many people lost their jobs or were furloughed. Many of us started to worry about paying our rent and mortgage. For those that were already down and out with an injury, things became even more complicated in getting to the doctor to obtain treatment. Doctor offices shut down, and receiving certification of disability became an issue.

Here at Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc., we care about your predicament. We will be keeping abreast of the latest news, law, and developments so that we can help you obtain all of the benefits that you are entitled to. Your temporary disability benefits should not be shut off due to the impossibility to obtain a doctor’s appointment. We will be filing for emergency hearings when and if this happens.

Due to the fact that the team is all working from home now, electronic communication is all the more important. Please opt to use email over a telephone call. Our whole team is able to work virtually in the cloud when you communicate via email. Staff is currently working limited hours due to the courts being closed and depositions all being canceled. Please note that we will still be actively answering all questions and concerns coming in through email.

A Message For Opposing Counsel

Our law firm has always encouraged the use of electronic communication (via e-mail). At the footer of every letter we send out, we state, “Save a stamp and save a tree – email me at …” Now, more than ever before, we encourage you to adapt the newest technologies to provide a safe, secure and efficient mode of communication.

You can trust us to not play games. If you send us something of importance, we will respond and acknowledge receipt of “service.” We won’t hide or ignore you. You will save your firm and your client money – no more postage costs, no more printing costs, and no more wasted time by your staff generating this excess waste.

Need to serve a Panel QME strike? Email us. Need to serve an answer to an application or a petition? Email us. We want literally everything you send us to come through email.

No more spending five-plus days waiting period for USPS mail. Imagine that. No more Proof of Service necessary. Imagine that. We will CONSENT to and ACKNOWLEDGE receipt of your communications and legal documents.

Want to talk settlement? We can still do that. This office has EAMS filed many Compromise and Release settlement agreements and they have been Ordered Approved the same day by our diligent and resourceful WCJs in Riverside. Many of the judges are working from home, actively processing EAMS-filed settlements.

Finally, many defense firms threw up their hands and gave up on the idea of depositions. This office had about a dozen cancellations in a week. However, this is not necessary. The rules have changed to allow virtual depositions. Almost every court reporter has adapted already and is implementing technology such as Zoom for virtual depositions. Many are charging no additional fees for this service. Contact our office if you need leads to find a court reporter offering virtual deposition.

A Message For Medical Professionals

Our Cloud-based practice management system, MerusCase, is capable of sending voluminous medical records in a HIPAA-compliant manner. When we send you a secure email, you will receive a hyperlink to log in to your own portal for download. Create your own unique password, and then have access to the medical records you need from us. You will be able to download individual PDF files, or a single .ZIP file archive of all medical records requested.

A Message For Potential Clients Infected By COVID-19

If you are an essential worker or were working during the months of February-April 2020 and you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Attorney Brian Freeman strongly believes that you were put at a greater risk than the general public in contracting the illness if you were around dozens, if not hundreds, of people per day in your line of work. Grocery store employees, medical professionals, and more continued to go to work every day while the rest of California stayed at home. Even worse, many of you were not provided with basic protective equipment, such as masks. Even if you have fully recovered from COVID-19, you may be entitled to benefits for wage loss and cost of medical treatment. Please contact us today if you or a loved one has been infected with COVID-19.