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Medical Treatment And Costs For Workplace Injuries In Orange

What You Should Know About Getting Injury Treatment After An On-The-Job Accident

The main goal of filing a workers’ compensation claim is to receive coverage for medical expenses and receive the treatment and care you need. Through the workers’ compensation system, claimants can ensure that their injuries are treated and all costs are covered.

Unfortunately, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company may deny or undervalue your claim. This can leave you without proper care, causing you to forego treatment or cover the expenses on your own.

At Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc., our legal team is dedicated to helping you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. It is our goal to get you the care you need. We will protect your rights throughout the workers’ compensation process and fight for you!

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What Medical Costs Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Coverage for all medical expenses related to your work injury is available through the workers’ compensation system. Although the cost of treatment will most likely account for the majority of your expenses, the cost of items such as drugs and medical devices can also be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. You should be able to get the best care you possibly can with your workers’ compensation benefits. Our lawyers will help you get the benefits you deserve and the treatment you need.

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical costs such as:

  • Hospital and doctor bills
  • In-home care
  • Medications
  • Medical devices
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Physical therapy

Can I Choose My Own Doctor to Treat My Work Injury?

Many employers, and their workers’ compensation insurance companies, require injured employees to receive treatment from a pre-approved medical provider. Upon reporting your injuries to your employer, you should be given a list of approved doctors. By receiving treatment from one of the doctors approved by your employer, you can ensure that your medical expenses will be covered.

In general, employees can only be treated by their own doctor following a work injury if the physician has been pre-designated. Pre-designation is a process that involves appointing a doctor who will treat your work injuries and having them approved by your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company (in advance of actually being injured).

How Will My Medical Care Be Covered After A Work Injury?

Workers’ compensation benefits should provide full coverage for any medical care you receive to treat a work-related injury. All of your medical expenses should be covered if you received treatment from a pre-approved doctor – even the treatment you receive before your claim is resolved. If your injuries required emergency treatment and you were unable to visit a pre-approved medical provider for your initial treatment, the expenses should eventually be covered through your worker’ compensation claim.