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The Legal Team You Need To Pursue Disability Benefits For A Work Injury

If a work-related injury or illness has sidelined you from your job, you may be entitled to disability benefits through workers’ compensation. Those benefits are a valuable financial lifeline during an already difficult time. They provide replacement wages to keep you afloat while affected by your injury.

At Workers' Compensation Lawyer, Inc., we can help you pursue the right kind of disability benefits. Here, you’ll work with two attorneys for the price of one. We tag-team cases, so you can benefit from our over 15 years of combined legal experience. With multiple convenient office locations, we represent injured workers throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Understanding Workers’ Comp Disability Benefits In California

Workers’ compensation provides coverage for medical expenses stemming from work-related injuries and illnesses. But what about your paycheck?

If you can’t work because of the injury, you may be entitled to wage replacement through disability benefits. There are two main types in California:

  • Temporary benefits: If your injury is expected to improve or hasn’t stabilized yet, temporary benefits will kick in. These benefits may be total or partial, depending on the extent of your disability and whether you’re able to work modified or light duties. Total temporary benefits pay you 2/3 of your average weekly wages, adjusted to stay within the minimum and maximum amount per state law. Both total and partial temporary disability benefits will end either when you return to work or when your disability becomes permanent. Temporary benefits are capped to 104 weeks, and they expire five years after your injury date.
  • Permanent benefits: These come into play when your injury has stabilized, meaning you aren’t expected to get better, as determined by your treating doctor. As with temporary benefits, the amount depends on the extent of your disability. They range from total permanent disability (100% disabled for life) to a life pension (70-99% disabled) to partial permanent disability (1-69% disabled). The goal of these benefits is to compensate you for your lost or diminished earning capacity.

Our workers’ comp lawyers understand the nuances of these benefits and how to qualify for them. We can help you pursue the benefits you’re entitled to, making sure that money doesn’t get left on the table.

Get Help Pursuing The Benefits You Deserve

Securing disability benefits through the workers’ comp process can be an uphill battle. Your employer and their insurer aren’t looking out for your interests. We are. And because we’ve handled hundreds of these cases, we know how to anticipate and overcome obstacles that can prevent you from getting the full benefits you deserve.

If you have questions about benefits relating to your work-related injury, talk to our attorneys during a free consultation. Call 800-496-0563 or contact us online to get started. We offer contingency fee representation, meaning we request 15% of your recovery for attorney fees at the conclusion of your case.